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Learn how to cut a person in two!
Amazing Magic Rope Trick Revealed!
This magic trick is not as amazing as sawing someone in half.
However this trick is easy to learn, a great illusion for beginner magicians

For this magic trick you will need:
A piece of rope about 6 feet long.
White cotton clothes line works great.
And assistant who is in on the magic trick.
Be sure to practice the magic trick together
before you show your audience..

Cutting someone in half

With the assistant facing the audience, the magician takes
one end of the rope, handing the other end too someone from the audience.
The rope is pulled and the rope appears to cut right through them !

How to do the magic trick

Begin by letting someone from the audience
check the rope.Tell them to pull on it and
make sure it is strong.Explain that you are
going to tie your assistant up with the rope so
they can't escape.
Stand behind your assistant and with the rope in both
hands place it over their head.As you do this he or she,
puts their hands behind their back.Takes your magic wand,
out off their back pocket.( a pop cycle stick will do )
With them holding the magic wand as shown in the picture,
you pretend to tie them up with the rope.You are really
looping the rope over the magic wand.Hand one end to
your audience volunteer or another assistant.On command
tell them to pull, at the same time your assistant lowers
the wand out of the loops and the rope appears to cut
right through them.Have fun with this great magic trick.
Stop back, more free magic tricks are coming soon !

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