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Famous magician Harry Houdini

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Magic: Stage, Cards, Escape
Nationality: Hungarian
Birthday: March 24, 1874
Born In: Budapest, Hungary
In 2002 the U.S.P.S issued the Houdini stamp
Houdini served as president of the
Society of American Magicians.
from 1917 until his death
on Oct. 31, 1926 ( Halloween )

Harry Houdini was a master of escape and a legend of his time
and still is a legend to this day. Houdini was born Erich Weisz 
( also spelled Ehrich Weiss ),the son of a rabbi. His parents 
came to the United States while Houdini was still an infant, 
and they settled in Appleton, Wisconsin.Houdini was inspired
by magician Robert Houdin, and in fact, Harry added 
an "i" to his name to get Houndini -- the stage name 
he is famous for today. Harry Houndini married Beatrice Rahner; 
they met on Coney Island, and Beatrice became part of  Houndini's
magic act after they married.
Before being famous as an escape artist, Harry performed card tricks. 
Harry and other magicians advertised themselves as 
"The King of Cards". However,Houndini is not remembered for 
his card tricks but for the escapes he performed from handcuffs, safes, 
straight jackets, underwater escapes, and many more.
Harry also had a brother, Theodore Hardeen, who is said to have shown 
Harry his first trick and helped Harry perfect his straight jacket escapes. 
They worked together as "The Brothers Houdini" in 1891.
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